DocScan FAQ

Q : What is the difference between DocScan and DocScan Pro?
DocScan Pro offers export functions to Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, and WebDAV. However, you can still achieve it in DocScan via "Open in" other apps, i.e. Dropbox app, Evernote app, ...etc.

Q : How do I upgrade to DocScan Pro?
You have two options: you can either buy DocScan Pro on the App Store.
The drawback is that this downloads a new application and you won't be able to access your old documents. You can also use the "Upgrade to DocScan Pro" option in app and you will then be able to access your old documents.

Q : My app is crashing when I scan a document.
Please reboot your iPad. This will clear your iPad's system memory and fix the problem.

Q : How to resolve app stuck updating?
It's a well known issue for all apps in iOS devices.
Please try the following tip that we found from Apple's support forum:
Any app that is stuck updating - click on it on the desktop - it will either immediately update itself OR report that it failed to update and tell you to try again later. Either way it is "unstuck" and can be updated properly from the App Store.

Q : How to ask refund in app store?
IPlease open your iTunes on PC and find the transaction record in the "Purchase History".
"Report a problem" on the record and submit it to app store. App store will review your request and give you refund as soon as it's done.

Q : How do I add a document to a scan?
When the app is launched, it will automatically set a new document for you to scan pages.
Tap on the capture button in the camera screen or select a photo in the photos album screen to start scanning the first page.
If you want to create another new document, tap on the “+” button on the top and then start scanning.

Q : How do I add a page to a document?
There are two ways:
  1. In main screen, open a document and start scanning.
  2. In document browsing screen, tap on document and tap on the “+” button to start scanning.

Q : How to send a fax?
You need to have a document for fax. Scan a document or import a PDF / JPEG file via "Open In" function from other app or safari browser.
Select a document and tap on the export button to show the export menu.
Select the "Fax" option to enter the fax dialog and create a fax.
Tap on the proceed button, it will calculate your fax fee. Confirm the fax details and tap on the proceed button to pay the fax and submit it.
After a fax is submitted, you can check its status in "Settings" > "Fax".
Each fax sending status will be either OK (with green color), In progress (with blue color), or Failed (with red color).
When there is a failed fax, you can tap on its "ACTION" button to present two options:
  1. Tap on the "Resend" button to resend it without additional fee.
  2. Tap on the "Credit back" button to get the failed fax credits back for another fax later. PS: to receive fax status notification, please turn on the Push Notification for this app in your device settings.

Q : How to check fax status?
Tap on the "Settings" button in main screen or document browsing screen.
Tap on the "Fax" option, it will enter the fax status list.

Q : How to export a document to email?
To email one document, tap on the top right icon in main screen to browse all documents.
Then, select a document, and then tap on the "EXPORT" button.
It will show a export screen, and then please tap on the email option and select PDF or JPEG as file type for the email attachment.
If you want to email multiple documents at once, tap on the bottom left icon (the folder with eye icon), it will enter the document browsing screen.
Then, tap on the "Edit" button to select multiple documents. After selecting documents, tap on the export button in the bottom toolbar.
Then, select email option and follow the same procedure with the single document export.

Q : The app won't send emails.
Sometimes the documents get stuck in the Outbox folder of Mail. Simply restarting your iPad is usually enough to fix the problem.

Q : The attached PDF showed a "x" that can't be opened in email?
You can try using a web-based email (or OWA) to check the PDF attached email? i.e. send a doc as PDF to your gmail account and read it in gmail.
We doubt there is a incompatibility issue between iOS email and outlook.
It seemed a known email attachment issue that only happened to one-page PDFs in iOS devices.

Q : How to get PDFs from DocScan?
You have copy files to a PC using iTunes file sharing or WiFi file sharing or export a PDF to email yourself.

Q : How to copy files using iTunes file sharing?
Go to “Settings” in main screen or document browsing screen, enter “iTunes file sharing”. Tap on “Generate PDFs” button.
Connect your iOS device to your computer using the included Dock Connector to USB cable or WiFi.
Launch iTunes on your computer.
Select your iOS device from the Devices section of iTunes.
Click the Apps tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Under the File Sharing section, you'll find a list of apps currently installed on your iOS device that support File Sharing. Select an app to view a list of the files associated with that app on your iOS device.

Q : How do I move documents from one folder into the other?
There are two ways to move documents across folders:
  1. Move a document to a folder Open a document in the camera screen by tapping on the top right button and selecting a document. Then, tap on the top center title panel to popover the document properties dialog. Then, tap on the folder ">" icon, and select / create a new folder. Then, tap on the "Save" button.
  2. Move multiple documents to a folder Enter the document browsing screen by tapping on the bottom left button (folder with eye icon) in the camera screen. Then, tap on the "Edit" button and select multiple documents. Then, tap on the <-> (move) button on the bottom toolbar. Then, select a folder to move to.

Q : How do I move pages from one document into the other?
Select a source document to show all its pages.
Tap on the "Edit" button, and select one/multiple pages for moving.
Tap on the Move (<->) button to popover all documents.
Select a destination document, and tap on the "Move" button.