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Doc Scan

Turn your iPhone / iPad to a portable scanner & PDF editor

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Scan efficiently

Auto Scan

Our algorithm automatically detects and scans multi-page documents for you when the Auto Scan is enabled.

High quality scans

Remove shadows and sharpen text images in PDF

Auto remove hard shadows from your document photos and keep more details in picture regions.

scan receipt
scan qrcode
scan book
scan whiteboard

Transform anything to PDFs

Scan everything in a snap

* Receipt, Coupon, Business Card, Invoice, Bill
* QR code
* Book, Article, PPT, Note, Whiteboard
* Sketcke, Memo, Script, Letter
Anything you might need in your day-to-day life. Also, it supports downloading files directly from cloud storage!

PDF Edit

Edit, draw, annotate and sign your scan
mobile scan app can fill form and text

Fill forms

Add Text & Picture
Quickly fill out forms by typing text into fields. Add text, pictures, arrows, shapes, and design background in one place.

ios scanapp can annotate, draw your scan for free


Annotate & Highlight
Highlight and mark up text with a full set of editing tools. Comment on PDFs using sticky notes and drawing tools.

scan, esign, signature


Simply draw your signature on the screen with your finger and apply it to the form or add wherever needed.

design tool, pdf editor, edit


Add Shapes, Arrows, and
Background Patterns

Draw arrows to pinpoint the target and design background for your page.

Convert image into text

Text Recognition

Use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract text from books, documents or paper magazines, etc.
Easily make notes, records!

ios app ocr, text graber

Combine multiple pages

Photo Collage

Instantly collage documents like contracts, invoices and receipts into a single page. It also allows you to save ink and papers by combining multiple pages into one sheet.

Get information from QR code

Scan QR codes

Get detailed information´╝Ü
* Contact details
* Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp IDs, etc.
* URL or a link to YouTube video
* Event or competition details
* Product details
* A coupon

Secure cloud backup

Cloud Backup and Restore

Whenever you buy a new phone or lose access to your old one, use our paid service, Cloud Backup and Restore, to restore your documents from previous backups.

Export your scans

Share & Upload
wherever you want

Send your scans as PDF / JPEG via email, export to Photos, open in another app, SMB and even FAX. Upload / Download documents to / from Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud services. Add a reminder to the Reminders app or create an event to your calendar.

mobile scan app to share and email

Keep everything organized

Organize Documents

Categorize documents with folders, and use a folder list to switch quickly with a single tap. Easily create, merge, delete, duplicate, rename, move, import, and export documents.